Circle Process

Circles focus the energy for change.

So does conflict. And paradox. And complexity, when we accept What Is with critical mindfulness, and open the space for the change amongst our partners, of what is waiting to emerge.

Circle Process engages us in system insight, diverse perspectives, interdependence and paradox, collective critical awareness, creative possibilities, and balance through the worlds of conflict, collaboration, and team building. Its a tool for leadership, collective development, and simplicity in complex times.

Circle Process develops an ecosystem of collaboration, creativity, authenticity and conflict resolution through a simple set of principle actions. Simple truths and unique points of view weave together into coherent, interdependent and mutually supporting wholes.

In 14 years of facilitating with Circle Process, I’ve watched countless conflicted relationships evolve into long-standing collaborations, and collaboration teams realise breakthrough innovations by opening new kinds of possibility: in federally-binding Indigenous-intergovernmental Land-Use Planning agreements; in multi-sector, First Nation & Municipal Territorial & Provincial policy change; in design teams for internationally awarded collaboration software development; in documentary film storymaking; in community gatherings seeking non-violence and peaceful accord amongst families and neighbours, with BC Community Response Networks.

In Circle Process, paradoxes resolve, relationships and roles become clear, complexity finds home, creation emerges, and the energy for change gathers and aligns.  Practiced worldwide in conflict zones, in restorative justice, in community collaboration and in business, Circle Process is a tool for organizations who want to work with system clarity and innovation, trust and groundedness, and decisions that stick, because they work.

For conflict resolution and restorative justice, Talking Circles are the peacemaking container, where the people affected exchange perspectives, explore diverse truths and fundamental needs, shift understanding, and create new actions and ways of connecting.

In creative collaborations, Circle Process explores and expands diverse perspectives, makes space for the juice of play and the random, and builds a field that enables what’s possible underneath to emerge as a whole, detailed and full.

In business and organizational development, Circle Process builds team coherence and role clarity, simplifies complex interdependence, reveals strategic resonance, enables effective decisions, and catalyses challenges into the energy for shifting organizational blocks.

Circle work is a container that enables both difference and alignment. It enables trust in complexity, plain truths and innovating what’s possible. It integrates critical mindfulness and diverse engagement; differentiation and attunement in group membership; the revealing of implicit narratives in True, Truer, and Truest; and tapping into the energy for changing massive systems, structures, beliefs, and norms.

SAMPLE Projects with Circle Process:

The Restoring Circles Project was created in Circle. The founding group worked through Circle Process for 4 years, enabling deep Indigenous-ally collaboration, interweaving of diverse needs and teachings, and trusted decision-making. Circle process is now its foundation teaching.

As a Regional Mentor with BC Community Response Networks, I engaged Circle Process to facilitate relationship violence intervention protocols between first responder, police, hospital, social work, education and community sectors.

Facilitating the Yukon Regional RoundTable for 3 years, I based our process in Circle work, to bridge historic divides between First Nation and Municipal leaderships. In Circle, representatives became collaborators with shared interests, diverse ways of doing, intersecting resources, and a formidable critical mass.

At the The Story of Becoming Conference, Circle Process as a conference system enabled emerging B-Corps, agencies from marginalized communities, and big businesses including Microsoft to frame new narratives of collaboration, and strike accords for full-circle social enterprises that engaged youth-at-risk, international design teams, and small businesses in long-stream mentorship and business development.