Art & Creative

Art is my playground for exploring perception, emergence, and story, with themes of public space, collective, belonging, the conscious body and transformation, reciprocity with environment, and the fundamental human drive to express.


CEL SYMBOLS are my art work now. I hand-make natural dyes, paint and screenprint banners with symbols found around the world in ancient story and art, and install in public spaces. Audiences tell of joyful physical responses to the symbols and patterns. Instigated by research into my Slavic roots and ritual, I found patterns that repeat meaning around the globe: emergence, creation, mastery, belonging, birth, and death.




UNLEARNING PROCESSIONS & DANCE TROUPE PRACTICE: Unlearning and re-creating how we encounter and engage with collective and public space, somatic knowing, simple objects, perception, narrative, movement and the spaces in between.

Dance Troupe Practice

Unlearning Processions


ART BAR POETRY SUITE: Commissioned poetry suite for Canada’s longest-running poetry collective, accompanied by storytellings at 6 sites.





THE JELLYFISH:  Installation at 7 art and music festivals, 20’X20’X30′. Exploring play, intention and greeting ‘the other’ as audiences walked in the tentacles. For some, The Jellyfish seemed an invader.





FLOCK: Mass Kite Installations at 4 Festivals. What happens when we encounter the unknown, lightly tethered to earth, en masse? 60 – 180 pieces invited collective engagement with incoming creatures in an otherwise unreached space.





Whereupon Cariboo and Lynx Fall In Love Despite Their Difference in Species and Unite to Defeat the Forest Destroyer. Shadow puppet play for the Arctic Winter Games Cultural Program.