facilitation & Leadership Mastery Workshops: online

We want you and your projects to succeed: leaders, change makers, innovators and entrepreneurs who are building new structures for a just and sustainable world. 

In this time of massive change, social entrepreneurs and cultural creatives are being called to move mountains. It can be exhilarating work, and to sustain it we need to reflect, renew, reconnect with our soul’s calling, engage new tools, and deepen our relationships.

EMERGE COLLAB is my combined practice with the masterful Kate Sutherland.

We want to help grow Adaptive, Appreciative, Systemic, Collaborative, Relational, Embodied, Emergent, and Innovative Leadership for Social Transformation.

Offering two accessibly-priced workshops this Spring, 2020, online:

1. The Leader Facilitator Accelerator:

A small-group hands-on accelerator for social development leaders who want to foster  transformation projects through collaboration, ingenuity, inclusion, and multiple bottom-line impacts.

In five, 2-hour online workshops over five weeks, this is a forum to deepen your leadership and facilitation capacity, reconnect to your inner presence, and process real-time scenarios with systems-transforming coaching and collaboration skills. You will gain tools and embodied knowing for cultivating collaborative teams and partnerships able to dream bigger and act with wisdom, with audacity, with inclusion and with equity.  Accessible community and corporate prices.

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2. Tools for Change: Systems Transformation Skills for Leaders & Facilitators

In five 2-hour online workshops over five weeks, we’ll survey 15 leading transformative tools and models that enable you to facilitate with systemic insight into high-stakes transformation; chaos, order & change emergence; collaboration and collective decision-making; opportunities for structural evolution into sustainable, place-based accountabilities; dissolving blocks of ego, territoriality and fear of risk; mindful awareness of field shifts; tools for shifting privilege and opening structures for equity and diversity as keys to resilience, ways to source yourself and your narratives for new, transformational organizations and communities.  Free – $60.

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“These Facilitation Mastery workshops have profoundly shifted my attitude as a facilitator. The tools, concepts and exercises offered gave me access to many new approaches that are now integral to my own practice. Kate and Christine have a magic touch when it comes to create a welcoming and productive workspace and I invite all facilitators, newly minted and well seasoned, to experience their work.”   David Kohler, Education Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

“Field Shift shone a light on the invisible elements of group work that are often felt but not explored. Kate and Christine bring deep experience and skill in facilitation, and provide a space for everyone to speak to and experience the unexplainable. Their work has encouraged me to expand my senses in service of better dialogue and inclusive outcomes.”   Virginia Cullen, Environmental Engineer and Impact Strategy Consultant

“The workshop was a wonderful process… it opened my head and heart, stretched my brain and gave me new language (words) and practices to manage and understand change. As a professional in the information technology industry, it has once again made me realize the importance of experiences and reflection when managing changes (workplace, teams, families, personal, etc.) I am not second-guessing what I am doing or where I am going with change as I might have done before the workshop. I gained the confidence to be exactly where I am and intentional about understanding others’ perceptions of change. I am understanding the ‘big picture’ better and my/our role in the evolution of change. I value intuition more, my own and others’.”  Ann Filbert, Information Technology Leader