is my consulting company, collaborating with my astounding Co-Founders Jeff Van der Clute, Priti Shah, Bradley Shende and Kate Sutherland.


At Emerge Collab, we facilitate, coach, strategize and build capacity for audacious systems change.

We work with leaders, organizations, businesses and communities to activate new systems for a transformed world.

From nimble strategy consultations and executive team coaching to stewarding large-scale complex systems developments, we work with

  • Transformative Leadership
  • Allyship Collaboration for Structural Transformation
  • Meaningful Aligments for Change and Impact
  • Convening for Diversity, Equity and Innovation
  • Collaboration as a Leadership Way.

Emerge Collab strengthens collective capacity, the genius of diversity, and the reach of collaboration. We help clients attune with purpose, retool their structures, and create grounded, daring and effective new systems and organizations.

We coach for collaborative brilliance, catalysing leaders’ and change-makers’ deepest intelligences into quantum shifts for sustainable world outcomes.




Emerge Collab “shone a light on the invisible elements of group work that are often felt but not explored. Kate and Christine bring deep experience and skill in facilitation, and provide a space for everyone to speak to and experience the unexplainable. Their work has encouraged me to expand my senses in service of better dialogue and inclusive outcomes.”   Virginia Cullen, CAO of the Municipality of Whistler


“The talented EmergeCollab team are an incredible mix of top calibre facilitators, coaches and strategists. They select thoughtfully from their deep toolkits and intuitive wisdom. And their contrasting yet complementary core team support me – and those I have seen them work with – to tap our own wisdom, to find great ways forward, and to step more fully into our agency for change. Even with little knowledge of the situation they helped me to clearly sense the relevant past, present and future complexities to enable me to plot forward in grounded, impactful and resonant ways. This is part strategic, part deep consciousness and body work, and all around the mix of magic and soul food that leaders need to see and sustain both our personal and professional gifts to ourselves, our loved ones, and the transformation of systems we seek to support in this world.”  Shayna Rector Bleeker Partnerships Manager, 7th Generation Capital


“The workshop was a wonderful process… it opened my head and heart, stretched my brain and gave me new language (words) and practices to manage and understand change… I am not second-guessing what I am doing or where I am going with change as I might have done before the workshop. I gained the confidence to be exactly where I am and intentional about understanding others’ perceptions of change. I am understanding the ‘big picture’ better and my/our role in the evolution of change. I value intuition more, my own and others’.”  Ann Filbert, International Information Technology Leader


“These Facilitation Mastery workshops have profoundly shifted my attitude as a facilitator. The tools, concepts and exercises offered gave me access to many new approaches that are now integral to my own practice. Kate and Christine have a magic touch when it comes to create a welcoming and productive workspace and I invite all facilitators, newly minted and well seasoned, to experience their work.”   David Kohler, Education Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer & Coach