Indigenous Economic CoCreation

Facilitator and DirectoR, 2005 – 2008

Relationship-based development was the call of the Yukon Regional RoundTable. This 3 year social innovation with 25 Self-Governing First Nations and municipal leaders from across Yukon Territory collaborated economic, educational, and social development projects across government, enterprise, and civil society sectors.

As Facilitator and Director I ensured we integrated Indigenous collective and emergent processes, including Circle Process, Storytelling situation analysis, and Visual Mapping that enabled consensus strategy and decision-making.  The approach doubled First Nations participation, and I became Territorial spokesperson at the request of First Nation members.

Starting as strangers across historic divides, in 3 years the RoundTable affected millions of dollars in economic development, health, education, and social policy improvements, innovating a wide scale of cross-boundary and inter-governmental partnerships. A Social Science and Humanities Research Council project of the Rural Development Institute, Brandon University, Yukon Regional RoundTable collaborations are still impacting policies, initiatives, and reconciliation relationships today.

In Tuktoyuktuk, 2008