“Christine builds relationship containers of transformation, innovation, deep truth and witnessing. She helps groups reveal what’s emerging in their underlying systems… and all the joy of them.” Dr. Mark Jones, Sunyata Leadership Institute, Goddard College 2015


“I’ve been in leadership symposiums around the world, and Christine was the best. She clearly connected the roots of complex systems with the branches of how they really show up, and shared real tools for how to work with them, so we can do the same. Simply the best.” Ziir, MOSAIC Leadership Training 2018


“Christine’s facilitation brought clarity to our diverse participants’ needs, and our task to create collaboration for seniors’ health systems. She tapped into the energy for new kinds of relationships, solid consensus and readiness for action across BC.” Marcy Cohen, lead, Seniors Raising the Profile Project 2017


“I’ve attended hundreds of diversity workshops. Christine’s was different. I felt the shifts as they happened inside me. It was physical, something I hadn’t tapped into before, a conscious awareness. And it feels great, more real and so much more clear.” Kelly, Diversity Engagement Workshop for United Way BC, 2018


“One of the best facilitators I’ve ever worked with, and I’m over 20 years as a Health Director. Everybody in the room, all 120 of us, were engaged, connected, and saying yes.” Brenda, Director at Interior Health, Raising the Profile consultations 2017