Embodiment for Changemakers and Leaders

Your body carries your stories of what’s possible.

Engage your embodied mindfulness and shift what you see is possible.       Embodied Mindfulness enables leaders, collaborators and changemakers to tap into their instinctual, systemic ways of knowing so their full selves can be present, aware, and ready to act.

With over 25 years training in embodiment, yoga and meditation, trauma-informed somatics and group improvisation, I coach Embodied Mindfulness to connect leaders with their deeper ways of agency, instinct and relationship for real-world impacts.

Embodied Mindfulness is awareness of your body’s instincts, knowings, stories and beliefs, in the moment, here & now.  At the foundation of Embodied Mindfulness is our body’s inherent capacity for empathy, connection, creativity, healing, and deep energy.

Embodied Mindfulness enables leaders and change-makers to engage in high-level collaborations, boundary-crossing initiatives, and collective and creative leadership with far-reaching insight and ability to innovate. Working with Embodied Mindfulness can heal identity blocks and barriers, release hidden stories of what is possible, catalyze gifts of identity and belonging, and build encountering relationships of collaboration, authenticity, and Yes, And.

Embodied Mindfulness is becoming recognised for its ability to deepen, discern and diversify the ways of knowing and engaging for leaders, change makers, organizations, and social entrepreneurs.

It is the key, I am convinced, to opening the inherent leadership in all of us, to build new systems of sustainability, reciprocity and connection.