Learning Transforms


I coach with teams how to engage with systemic tools that transform their organizations,  communities, and themselves. Grounding in the full scope of What Is and our inherent human curiosity and connection, I coach and teach with leaders and change makers to open their curiosity, undo blocks and open the realm of what is possible.

In this time of massive systems shifts, we can take a learning attitude to discovering what’s about to emerge, and our place in it.

We learn best by doing, by playing, by connecting,  by improvising and reflecting, witnessed by peers who are doing the same.  Learning is a generative process of co-creation with others, and it grows our fundamental trust in ourselves, in our collaborators, and in our systems. It enables us to take bold moves with confidence, knowing that we are backed by our collaborators.

Curriculum Design Co-Creation, the Restoring Circles Project, Transformative Justice project  current

Ashoka Changemakers Social Innovator Award,  Hands On Learning 2013

Inaugural Director, The Yukon Community Literacy Centre, 2010-2012

Unlearning opens us to emergence.

“How do we turn transformative learning ON?” Leadership and social innovation through co-learning has become core to what I do, earning an Ashoka Changemakers Social Innovator Award and leading to the Restoring Circles Project.

I coach with creative processes to open up what we see is possible, that shape our ideas of social organizing and of community impact.  Seeing systems, our interdependancies and our capacity for change, helps us to loosen what has been, to shift into what can be. Play, imagination, mindfulness,  and improvising with visionary roles helps us try on what we envision.

I train and coach for emergent strategy, relationship-based change, systems thinking & complexity mapping; story in organizational development; embodiment and mindfulness; collaboration & community engagement; and intercultural, Indigenous-Ally engagement.

RECENT education Projects:

MOSAIC SENIOR Leadership on Systems, Social Innovation and Community Engagement 2018.

SFU Criminology Department: Systems & Relationships of Reciprocity in Restorative Justice, 2018.

City of Surrey Community Engagement Strategy, Leadership Coaching in Systems, Engagement, and Social Innovation. 2017.

Justice Institute of BC, Restorative Justice & Leadership course, 2017.

The Unlearning Processions, Public art installation, 2015

I took the role of inaugural Director of the Community Literacy Centre in Yukon to explore. I based intergenerational learning in relationship, creativity and play: puppets, live comic books, musical jams and improvisational theatre. The joy came in seeing adults and kids previously alienated from learning, picking up pens and chalk to write out the plays, films and lyrics they’d created. The result was partnerships for story-based learning programs in 2 remote First Nations communities, and re-establishing a territory-wide literacy network.

Back in hometown Vancouver, I took a systems approach to integrating playful and trusted learning in places of deep change for life-challenged adults: probation centres, transition houses, and job-readiness centres. Hands on Literacy earned an Ashoka Changemakers Social Innovator Award in 2013 through Decoda Literacy Solutions, and rolled out over 3 years.


HANDS ON CAPACITY: Designed & Facilitated 10 Module Community Development Program in 3 remote communities via Yukon College: Real-time intercultural collaboration projects were the basis for hands-on learning, system evolution & community engagement. 2006-2009

The Brainium.com: Module design & writing: online multi-disciplinary K-12 teaching platform, combining storytelling, group problem-solving skills and curriculum-linked challenges of geography, language, humanities, IT, and science. International Award winning. 1999 – 2002.

Vancouver Film School: Creating Story in Non-Linear Narrative: Design and Teaching. We are fundamentally narrative beings. This course challenged students to build character, place and motivation in film and game platforms with complex interfaces, and no known end point. 2000 – 2002.