Becoming Now: Relationship-based development for organizational and leadership evolution.

Embodied Mindfulness – Somatic engagement with your inner knowing opens systemic mindfulness, creativity, leadership and collaboration

Circle Process – for conflict evolution, collaborations, team building, and innovation

Leadership Coaching – for social impact and new enterprise leaders

Social Innovation & Resilient Collaboration – synthesizing skills, relationships and structures

Engage, Collaborate & Embrace Diversity – the authentic web of systems resilience

Creativity & Innovation – system, paradox, diversity and embodiment

Strategy and Organizational Development – the foundation of every effective agency

Becoming Now, relationship-based development process:     Becoming Now is relationship-based development that evolves resilient, engaged and adaptive organizations with immediate real-world impacts. Based on deep relationship reciprocity, systemic mindfulness and adaptive improvisation, Becoming Story sets up organizations, collaborations and teams for the 21st Century’s emergent & relational systems.

Embodied Mindfulness: Engage your body’s imagination and shift what you see is possible.  Your body carries your stories of what’s possible.  Understanding embodied identity, full sensing perception, and implicit narratives, enables leaders and change-makers to engage in high-level collaborations, boundary-crossing initiatives, and collective and creative leadership. With over 20 years training in somatics, yoga, movement and group improvisation, I coach embodied intelligence and collaboration to connect leaders with their systemic imaginations that mobilize real-world action. Individual coaching and group workshops available.

Circle Process: Circle process evolves groups into their highest selves, with immediate impacts. A small set of principles activate an ecology that’s simple, grounded and clear. In 16 years of facilitating with Circle Process, I’ve watched countless conflicted relationships evolve into long-standing collaborations. In Circle Process, paradoxes resolve, roles become clear, creation emerges, commitments deepen and the energy for change focuses.  Practiced worldwide in conflict zones, in restorative justice, in community collaboration and in business, Circle Process is a tool for organizations who want to work with clarity and innovation, trust and creativity, and decisions that stick.

Leadership Coaching:    Lead with power and heart. I coach community and enterprise leaders to  leverage systems thinking, engage their multiple intelligences, and cultivate clarity, purpose, innovation and resilience in their teams and partnerships. Synthesizing tools of circle process, story, complexity, conflict evolution and creativity, we’ll evolve your vision and clear obstacles into effective actions that your systems have been waiting for.

Innovative & Resilient Collaborations:    I facilitate and coach collaboration networks to become their greatest vision. With trust, agency and diversity, teams and collaboration networks can ride the tumult of change and come out productive, grounded, innovative and energized. Through tools for tapping into embodied intelligence, discernment, collective narrative, grounding in what is and leveraging diversity into bold creativity, I facilitate collaboration teams that make waves.

Engage, Collaborate & Embrace Diversity:         New economic and community systems are fueled in diversity. I coach teams, leaders and organizations how to embrace diversity and advance their real-world impact, resources, relevance and creativity. In Canada, Indigenous-ally collaboration creates full-system sustainability. With compassionate facilitation, I guide leaders how to clear their paradigms of what is, and engage with multiple ways of knowing to transform and strengthen organizational systems, leadership capacity and real-world growth.

Creativity & Social Innovation:        Step confidently into innovation with play, paradox and the trickster, and open the realm of the possible. Winning multiple awards for social innovation, I help teams move beyond what’s known and into making what will be. Catalyze systems insight, embodied curiosity, improvisation and your storied imaginations for game-changing product creativity, organizational change and social innovation.

Strategy and Organizational Development:       Every organization needs to shake its tree, get unstuck and revitalize its systems once in a while. Through action research, Field coaching, storytelling and structural leveraging, I help agencies and community organizations evolve deeper and higher levels of engagement, performance and impact; make decisions that stick; transform conflict into clarity and commitment; tranform blocks into ground-breaking innovation; jump drive problem solving in networked collaborations; and stay on track with collective stories of becoming.